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Mulheres: 55 anos da Ipanema

O ano era 1965. Tomie Ohtake (1913-2015) ainda era uma jovem artista, apesar dos 51 anos de idade. Pintava ferozmente em seu ateliê, em São Paulo, e lutava por um lugar ao sol da cena artística tropical, sol este que tanto apareceu em suas dezenas de pinceladas nos anos seguintes, nas mais diferentes cores e formas. No Rio, a cena artística fervilhava e um jovem empreendedor, apaixonado pelas artes e por seu potencial de mercado, voltou seu olhar afiado para alguns nomes que pareciam despontar. Assim, Luiz Sève conheceu Tomie e decidiu junto ao colega nipo-brasileiro Manabu Mabe (1924-1997) que as potentes pinturas da artista integrassem aquela que seria a primeira exposição da Galeria Ipanema, então chamada de Galeria do Hotel Copacabana Palace. O sucesso foi absoluto.

It was a period of great repression, but also of strong creation. Nobody could foresee the years that would follow - and Luiz Sève didn't know either that the artistic space that was born there, in that turbulent moment of history, would survive with praise and would complete 55 years of existence today. An arduous trajectory that blends with that of countless artists, women of great artistic projection like Tomie Ohtake who, from the beginning, contemplated the bets of the marchand.

After her, powerful and authorial traces punctuated the exhibitions designed by Sève, among them, the iconic "Algumas Mulheres", a show coordinated by Paulo Fernandes, in 1987, in which he reunited again the production of Tomie, now alongside Lygia Clark, Lygia Pape, Mira Schendel and Amelia Toledo. The quintet, each revolutionary in its artistic milieu, has its production reunited in "Mulheres - 55 anos da Ipanema" (Women - 55 years of Ipanema), which kicks off the celebrations of more than half a century of existence of the gallery. Today, these figures, so recognizable in Brazilian art history, hold hands with other equally strong, creative and unique women who are part of Ipanema's collection and participate in the current exhibition.

The cutout made to close a year of so many events had to be theirs. However, it was also necessary to cover not only the glorious 60's, 70's and 80's of such productions, but also to contemplate the current ones, such as the British Sarah Morris and the Brazilian Mariana Palma. The meeting of such names in the physical and virtual space of Galeria de Arte Ipanema shows how plural the female artist was, is and still can be, inhabiting not only one gender, but many, from abstraction to figurative, from color to her absence, from canvas to countless supports. If, as Lygia Clark said, "through the other person, the individual can perceive his own sense, know himself", this is the exhibition so that all of us can somehow recognize our pains and pleasures through the art produced by women who have passed through Ipanema.

Ana Carolina Ralston – Curator

Carlos Cruz-Díez

Galeria de Arte Ipanema presents the viewing room of Carlos Cruz-Díez (1923 - 2019), one of the most emblematic artists of the kinetic movement and great scholar of colors. Among the works that compose the virtual exhibition are creations from the important series Physichromie and Induction Chromatique.