Galeria de Arte Ipanema


The history of modern and contemporary Brazilian art has been taking place for five decades in a gallery that deserves to be called Ipanema.

Since its creation 55 years ago, Galeria de Arte Ipanema has sealed its own identity in the context of Brazilian art history, thus occupying a space of fundamental relevance for artistic development in Brazil.

Today consolidated, it is considered one of the most important and oldest galleries in the country.


One of the main forerunners of the modernist movement, Galeria de Arte Ipanema brings together a collection of weight and representativity with works by internationally recognized artists such as Volpi, Cruz-Díez, Milton Dacosta, Lygia Clark, Sérgio Camargo, Di Cavalcanti, Portinari, Ivan Serpa, Guignard, Cícero Dias, Iberê Camargo, Antônio Bandeira, Pancetti, Tomie Ohtake among others. 


Since its inauguration, Galeria de Arte Ipanema has remained prominent on the national and international scene with shows and exhibitions that have brought together important and fundamental names such as Cruz-Díez and Lygia Clark.